Update Version 0.5.2

Update Version 0.5.2

Happy holidays everyone!
We've just uploaded a new build to Steam, version 0.5.2!

New in this build is Challenges. Yes! Challenges are back, albeit in a slightly different form from the pre-early access versions. There are two challenge types:

Destroy as many voxels as you can within 60 seconds. To assist you in this task you have access to three sets of remotely detonated bombs, with two bombs and a detonator in each set. You are free to prepare your Mayhem, moving propane tanks and such, but as soon as you've destroyed 1000 voxels the timer starts.

Valuables are spawned one by one in random locations on the map. Pick up as many as you can. There is no time limit.
Oh, I almost forgot, there is a very aggressive chopper chasing you.

Apart from challenges we've gone through the game and fixed a lot of smaller issues like floating furniture and stuff.

Both challenges are implemented in all the campaign environments. Just like in sandbox, you need to have reached the environment in the campaign.
Mayhem is available once you've played "The Lee computers" in the campaign, while Hunted is unlocked once you've played "An assortment of dishes".